Sex and Pot

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Qlue PhotosSmoke on your skin pretty effect for the camera, the shine of your body pretty complexion it paint, the glow that intoxicate like the pot we smoke when we exchange vows of our sex, letting me in with smile and visions of where we’re about to go, land of pleasure and climax, the vanity we’ll lust after till eternity in this garden like how the creator created the first human.

The idea of nudity in the garden with the joy of new earth, new time with clean slate new story we’re ready to write, your body is calling, thrills of the smoke leading us on, let’s sin again baby.

Your sex corrupt my mind with new knowledge of freedom and sinful act, the type we’re committing now with the smoke in our hand, joyful with great thrills that make us laugh endlessly, joy and beauty we see, the prettiness of your breast how your nipples stare.

Qlue Photos

Puff puff pass me your love and last forever with me till eternity in this moment doing everything we miss doing, living every seconds of the day doing it all, all of the smoke that gets us high like your sex get me high, we speak in different tongue when we cum, our heart sing with the flow of smoke in the air living our lust telling us what to do. Never will we want to get over this feeling, not even something new expect if it gets us high like you, this sex and you, the pot and our body heels of love. We’ll build on this love till eternity, forever I’ll pull you closer, let’s get high again till we get stoned of you, of the sex we have; grow it, smoke it and sex with it, thrills of smoke and sex.