Sex on a Monday Morning

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Sexy Morning

Let me cum like never before, let’s fuck like it’s going to be our last time on earth, let’s do it all babe, let’s bring our fantasies to life, the illusion of our mind and the excitement of our aroused body, hot lips and moist inside, soft and tender moan, the cry for pleasure like it’s Saturday night, the bounds and the rope, the roughness, and hunger for more, faster and more rigorous, full of pleasure like how books will describe the passion for sex, let’s fuck baby let’s fuck again.

Hold me and pause time, fuck me and let the world be still for pleasure controls the joy of the universe, beautiful moment is all we just want to create, life we just want to live because it’s our passion, it’s our lust and we love to lust, to moan aloud even on a Monday morning by the window side with car horns blaring from the street and our loud music, electro as always, loud and mad, yes we are, drunk and wild, passionate and horny for everything that brings joy to the soul, your body is the joy of this morning, of my life and the bringer of lust to life, the giver of pleasure, deem eyes and slow breath, opened mouth and dead eyes, gentle grip and slippery hard, lipstick smear, finger inside fucking me tiny and sweet, wet and wanting, more pleasure, more you, more us and less of the world, non of nothing that doesn’t matter, we matter so let’s do us more, more of us.

Monday Sex

Every time we explore new us, new sense and theory of existence and pleasure and the idea of life and sex, the erotic nature of us, the crave of our body, beauty and red, pure and full of energy, unstoppable and unbreakable the lust in our eyes, the electricity in our body directing us and lighting us up to blow up inside of us like the bomb they never want to make again, but this we make again, every time and we love how we explode, we blow up to make anew, to live anew and make a new experience, a new sin, a new joy of pleasure, sexy and exotic, body wanting more even when time has refused to stop and it’s work time, it’s late time even, but the body always want what it want, feed the body.

Feed me baby with your lust, with your love and all of you, put it all on me, I can deal with it, make love to me under the moon and in the rising sun of Monday morning, in the view of it while we fuck in the paradise of lust and sad songs that brings sorrow to the moment, erotic and brown, sunny with a taste of wine, red wine and marijuana.

Let the day begins, let’s go experience us differently under different energy but with the memories of the one we just made, it’s Monday let’s go get busy and add beauty to the world, let’s go make the world a better place.

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