Short Hair Saga by Royce Samuel

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Bob HairRegular living is boring, can bet we all know that and especially for hair, even some doctrine describe the hair of a woman as her jewel and pride, Royce is of that opinion too, and that pride and jewel he make even more special and attractive, recreating the regular and making the regular special and different and eye catching.

Bob Hairstyle

It’s the short hair saga, which was inspired by Royce Samuel of Ceezys Styling and in this shoot he decided to take it to the next level by adding some artistic feel to the regular bob hair style. It’s a different thing to have an idea and it’s a different thing too to interpret it to life but with the right team, every interpretation of ideas can come to life perfectly well like you’ve imagined and that’s what the team did with this shoot, bringing Royce’s idea of recreating the regular bob hair and making it artistic, Thanks to Emmanuel Oyeleke for capturing such great moments. Royce Samuel

Since creation, every other thing we’ve been doing is recreating, adding new vibes and life to what have been created, seeing a different beauty in existing things. Not being a fan of the regular have a way of influencing the vibe of things you create, the funky groovy vibe, the attitude and the styling of who you are, your personality and how you see beauty and a beautiful hair is never complete without the right attitude to carry the hair, her hair is really her pride and her vibe is the pride of the hair on her head.

Creative Hairstyle

She’s the vibe of the avant garde bob hair style she’s carrying, she’s the pride of a beautiful interpretation of an idea from a hair stylist that dream of hairstyles and creating new trends of hair to fit the personality of the different people living in this generation, through this time, where we’ve all woke up to change the idea of living and redefine boring and the regular kind of living to create a new world, the kind of world we’ve always dreamt of since when we are little and like they say, to change the world it start from you, to change the trend of boring hair Ceezys Styling is eradicating the life and times of boring hair, it’s a new world of creative artistic hair and it’s not crazy or demeaning, it’s uplifting and attractive, breeding a different kind of confidence in you, you’ll just be the pride of your hair, just as she’s the pride of the new short bob created by Royce Samuel.

Ceezys Styling

Creative Team

Inspiration By Royce Samuel of Ceezysstyling

Photographer @emmanueloyeleke

Hair styling @ceezysstyling

Make up @beautybybellamare

Models @dim_adanna and @queen_dammy

Writer: Mouyor Buttons for Qlue Magazine