Short Tale of a Depressed Stylist 

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Depression is one major thing I battle with, mood swinging and emotions taking a nasty turn and you can’t just predict what the next moment have in stuck for you and so you do almost everything when you have the vibe, guess that’s why some will call you a workaholic. Dealing with depression in a fashion industry is crazy because a lot is expected of you here as a stylist, you’re meant to be creative and satisfy your clients every time, because it’s all about your portfolio here, but depression is a major thing to contend with and sometimes you just blank out and can’t even picture anything.

Somehow i discover alcohol and pot help depression. So when am down I head straight to the bar and refill, wow, it’s working and I’ll bounce back and alive but then the image you present is major, clients will begin to see you as a drunk, not everybody can deal with the stench of after alcohol or cigarettes, got me wishing for a break in discovery, for a scientist to discover how alcohol won’t smell after consumption but then I discover abstinence from them, like its mostly believe that alcohol helps you to deal with depression, I think it worsened it and confined you to just one mode of escape and you become a slave to it, but abstaining from it at that point rock wonders just that it’s the hardest task on earth.

Somehow I discover the act of staring, as a stylist looking good and making your clients look good to fit their image is the key to your success. Been down for awhile and don’t know when relief will come, when the mood will change, everything is tiring and the lazy feeling is at the peak, but on this day I have an appointment with a new client and I just have to impress her, first impression matters they say and nothing is coming, can’t even find my voice, reluctantly I walk into my clothes closets and was staring, trying different combos but non of them is working, not feeling it and clothes are all on the ground disappointedly I sat on the ground lay on the clothes and the clothes caress my skin and it was heavenly, the feeling is soothing and the visions of clothes came to life, the energy and style was all in my head again, I found my style inspiration, so I make it a ritual.

Often times we are too scared to try a new road, we somehow prefer the one we are used to, taking a leap of faith is key in this industry, you just have to take risk and go out of your comfort zone. Alcohol and it’s likes can only get you somewhere but somehow they can’t get you pass that place, all you ever need is your creativity and you believing in yourself.

Ever since I discover living amongst my clothes is inspiration my everyday has been interesting since then and my room has change, I dwell more in my clothes closet, change the location of my study to the clothes. The sight and existing among clothes help me to deal with my depression.