Side Boobs

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Qlue Photos

Our body is beautiful, it’s everything we are, our personality and sense of beauty, the skin we own. To discover how beautiful your body is you’ll have to love your body and not chase the hype of other bodies the type mainstream is portraying to be the bomb, different bodies live on earth, beautiful and sexy ones, your beauty have to come from your eyes, the beholder.

Boobs are beautiful in any size or shape, saggy #saggyboobsmatters. We get carried away by girls on billboard, on the gram, celebrities and how they make us see their boobs as the ideal boobs, boobs are not the same, their fit in clothes, boobs are accessories that brings out the beauty of the clothes we wear, you can make them fit only if you have the beauty in your eyes, you are the beholder, your mirror won’t lie to you.


Qlue Photos

Moet Abebe

Some trends fade but were attractive and sexy during their trending days, understanding your sexy is what define how you react with trends, side boobs is sexy, attractive, its fit in clothes you’ll always appreciate, it ooze the confidence you posses, flaunting of beauty and the sexiness of your body contrary to what the society think; it’s you flaunting what you’ve got, if you have it flaunt it, how well can you dangle?

The thing about sexiness is the confidence in you, understanding and loving your body, showing the world how much your body hold, the reason why you just can’t hide it because it’s too beautiful to be hidden and you’re not ashamed of who you are, what you own, more bold than shaming of the society, tricks of culture and tradition to limit how you flaunt your body, boobs, side boobs. Different styles of flaunting to fit different outfit, you just have to find your fit, side boobs fit every outfit, find your sexy and be bold with it.