Sluttry in Trads

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More of a cliché when it comes to Ankara and African fashion in general, the image attached to it is modesty and straight, sexy and sluttry was not allowed, the new testament of African fashion changed it all, abolishing all restrictions. Fashion as we know it evolves and sexy is the reflection of how much confidence you have in you and how well you’re in love with what you’re wearing. 

Recreating the African fashion to soothe our ego, our new found strength. It’s about self love, it’s about sexy Africans, sluttry African trends, breaking boundaries and clichés. 

  Sluttry African trend has not change anything, not the value or our face but it has help the face of the trend to help us own us and embrace the real people that we are, our size and what we are made of, our skills and creativites.

Away from the thought that we believe the African trend is not suppose to reflect the culture of the colonial powers, fashion is just one word that encapsulates the creatives of fabrics with no bias, which give room for innovation and limitations, we are sexy too, our trends and fabrics allow for awesome and beautiful.  

Maybe it’s really time for the world to see how much we love our size and the believe that sexy is always interesting on a size 0 or a size 2, plus define our fashion industry, it’s a reflection of the amount of rich self love we’ve got and we are sexy with plus.

Rogue nations, the most interesting part of this industry is going rogue, and who said plus can’t be trendy or sluttry or hot?  


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