Smoke and Cloud

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Smoking hot girl

Just for comparison sake, the flexibility of smoke and the cloud. Looking at the cloud, you can’t help but wonder how magnificent it is, too incredible to describe, wallowing in that wonder you’ll stare at the sky for almost forever, like it’s the first time you’re seeing the cloud. The colors and its movement are interesting, the shape they take when they move, sometimes it seems to make an artwork in the sky.

Smoke have that cloud feel too, taking different beautiful shape as it flows in the air on its own accord, artistically and interesting bringing creative kind of joy, some perform stunt with how they puff smoke out of their mouth making you amazed how they do it. Smoke taking different shape in the air is a form of nature’s spontaneous art that brings joy and most time the art they make are not documented because it’s just smoke. Some artist created smoke collection and many did not but enjoy the sight of it in the moment.

Smoking Lips

Clouds are often used to depict heavenly bodies because it is magnificent, heaven is and the people that dwells there. Smokers are interesting people too, especially the ones that smoke for a reason, their composure at that moment you’ll admire and the sexiness of how they smoke and puff out the smoke. For those that perform stunt with how they smoke will catch your attention even if you hate smoking and smokers, life is art and everything we do is a form of art too.

The crazy thought is, could it be people that exist above the cloud are smokers and their smoke is what made what we call cloud, maybe it’s just another nature of smoke, after all we have different source of water, rain water is from the cloud.

This is just a drunk thought, be warned.