Sometimes We Need To Learn How to Use Water

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Use of waterWater like Fela will say have no enemy but how to use it most times we don’t know best because some people wish they have this water in excess but the real truth is what some people want in excess too but don’t have it and that’s why using it well is for everybody’s benefit, so..

Don’t turn on the water until you’re ready – Turn on the shower when you’re about to get in it, not several minutes before whilst you’re wandering around the bathroom in a just-woke-up haze. If the water takes a while to warm up then by all means give it 30 seconds to reach a bearable temperature, but no brushing your teeth while the water runs away down the drain, thank you.

Try a cleansing conditioner – Rather than using separate shampoo and conditioner, use a does-it-all cleansing conditioner to save time in the shower. Not only are they efficient, they’re great for coarse hair types thanks to their detergent-free, gentle formulas. If you don’t want to use a cleansing conditioner every day, you can use them every other time you wash your hair to give it a break from shampoo. Kérastase Discipline Curl Ideal Cleansing Conditioner is great for curly girls.

Turn off the water whilst you lather up – While you’re massaging product into your scalp, or working body scrub into your skin, there’s no need to have the water running throughout. Switch it off and you could save several litres of water being wasted. Or if you’re feeling particularly efficient, take a “navy shower” – a technique originating on naval ships which uses 30 seconds to get wet before the water is turned off, then lathering up, turning on the water and taking a minute to rinse off.