Songs of Sex

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SexWhat we listen to during sex is different, some only want the moan of their lover while some want a sound track, we love sad songs during sex, it’s more erotic and sexy, sometimes Miley and Gaga to make us fuck like animals, other times worship songs, it turns us on to make love like gods, sensual and spiritual like angels, facing outside to watch the rain fall heavy in front of our naked body from the window enjoying the rhythm of the combined body, we’re love and lust, we pleasure ourselves with the fuck of us.

Different things those songs makes us do, confidence they give sometimes, like fear of the unknown, we fear not being able to fuck well too, it’s embarrassing, you’ll wish you can fuck well. Fuck is almost equal to love, you’ll be loved more if you can, the realization of this was what triggered the production and sales of local Viagra prominent in my society, they’ll advertise it to you in your dreams even, these companies know the value of pride, men they blame for bad sex when they advertise Viagra on the street, their marketing strategy, you’ll be embarrassed how they advertise sometimes but it’s just them helping you satisfy your partner better.

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Good playlist make us fuck well to create good moments, memories like fantasies that’ll brighten sad times to bring joy; living in the moments with lust and truth expressing what we feel for each other, things words can’t express our body say more, language of the body is more precise, true feelings don’t lie, your body accept the truth and react to it accordingly even if you pretend the lust in your eyes will expose you.

Lyrics and voice inspire the tempo, the reaction of joy, the experience of two body becoming more happy and joyful satisfying their crave, those few seconds of climax we wish can last forever.