Soul Sisters

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Soul Sisters For the life we live is a life of love, of peace and to appreciate our strength and to tell ourselves beautiful things that will lift us up, words that will make us want to achieve more because that’s who we are and that’s the world we’re creating, a world of beautiful women, not just a woman for in our togetherness the world will be a better place.

So we love and look beautiful and happy, our soul yearn for similar things, imperfect perfection and we flourish in beautiful dreams as we create stories that will last even for when we are long gone, living the life that will tell the Ideas of our hearts and the fashion of our style.Bibian Obata - Sophistcated LionessSophistcated Lioness

We were never created to be Love and accept all your flaws Queen so they can never use it against you .. – Sophistcated Lioness

For in our flaws we found our strength, our weakness the cue to the greatness we seek, the style of our living, the pitch to a new civilization of women with greatness in their DNA

Sexy Stylist AtHENA

SATORIALS OF SOUL SISTERS We were told we were beautiful to a fault, sexy to an habit, bold to face our fears, we grew from different heritage, yet we bond like, we were of one lineage, we are women YES NOT JUST WOMAN BUT WOMEN, we gather in group, appreciate eachother, miss eachother, love eachother, lookout for eachother, support our dreams.

Deborah Prest

Women are not acknowledged by their skills, desire for men but the act of bringing one another to upliftment without jealousy, pride, impudence or distrust..Valerie OguchiValerie Oguchi

Find you a friend that would love you for your crazy tides and awkward yearns, correct me to a fault, laugh to a bore, dance to one sound, and bond in sincerity.

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