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The Billionaire Artist As I think I am cultivating my space flowers within my mind.

I am the space flower, oh so beautiful, oh so Devine.

One must remove thy self from the coffin of the mind, releasing the imagination to run wild.

As thy petals spread it’s open wings to collect the sunshine, the space flowers never dies; for death is seduce by time.

As I grow, as I rise, as I become perpetually Devine.

For I am the space flowers, I grow within the mind.

As I blossom and blooms I fill the room within time.

For I am the space flowers that never dies. – Queen C Star

The space flower that’s got beautiful colors that you’ll be glad to wake up to, to make you smile in the morning when you wake, the space flower that gives the idea of what the mind should be about, of the glory we possess as humans, as flowers that grow in the space, in the mind that we control once we’ve released ourselves from the coffin that make us see only darkness, for the sun is the light that grows and make the flower beautiful.