Spirituality, Music and Art of Photography of TY Bello

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As a group her name was catchy and kind of easy for people to like and always remember, she sings good too and even after the group the name became more catchy and interesting, her first album as a solo artiste some of the songs on the album are still some of the greatest songs that came from this part of the world “Fumise” is one song that helps you appreciate the power of help, the song helps you to trust and believing in the sense that we are a vessel that can do all things. “Ekundayo” song that talks about life in different shade, the pureness of the heart, touching hearts. Her songs always have a very deep simple messages even in the spiritual scene, her songs help you link your existence with spirituality in its natural state, her songs translate you from the jolly natural state to a happy celestial existence, your attention they take and listening to her song you feel rich, more like you’ve discover a breakthrough that humanity is yet to discover.

The first time I ever saw her picture craft was in a magazine and even as I was not this obsessed with pictures back then I remember saying it was a beautiful picture, was surprised though to learn she’s also into photography and she photograph well, really I was impress even as ignorant as I was then her vibe and charm of bringing imaginations and dreams into reality makes me impress, there she explain the power of possibilities and the idea of all things are possible only if you believe and willing to make it come to life, her spiritual vibe is motivating, really most time I’ll say she’s the most underrated gospel artiste in Nigeria, here we tend to tag gospel singers to those ones that sing songs that is from church, probably with lots of prayer points and miracle hopeful lyrics and probably the artiste must not be from the circular world or do circular job, people that we don’t perceive as gospel artiste most time deliver with better lyrics and understanding than the ones we tend to paint as “spiritual”. My Morning Song Book can remember I was stuck on that album for about four months or more, I was obsessed with the album, still love the album. My phone was playing at a friend’s house one night, was under the weather, very weak and not healthy, I was under the blanket with my phone connected to the aux and music was playing from my phone it was the era of my obsession with “My Morning Song Book” album, my friend came back with another friend couldn’t talk as I fall into sleep and out after two song from the album played and the third one was about to start he asked who owns the phone, she gestured to me can see the puzzle look on his face not sure, two more songs and he asked who was singing, he checked through the playlist and discovered it was the album so he asked again who owns the phone and she said the sick person on the bed, he was shock maybe one, he was not expecting me to be listening to a spiritual song and not even the everyday song but a song with spiritual depiction of words.

TY Bello Works
Her pictures are beautiful and tender, soft full of pureness with orthodox vibe that takes your mind into the clouds of spirituality. Following her different craft in awhile I can tell she’s really spiritual and her power of believe in spirituality she depict in every of her pictures, she blends her art with the spirituality that she’s about, just as how strong and confident the lyrics of her song sounds her pictures appeal to your spiritual sense in a very soft and smooth form, the texture of her colours, the poise of her subject and the realness of the subject. Her work preach spirituality that you can see the another side of her subject, her picture portray the subject pure and innocent, a calm interesting charm that will draw you close to take a closer look at her subject.

​Like in our society where it is still being believe that the women really can’t do much especially in the professional world where time and dedication is needed, her craft speaks for her, the thought that is been put into whatever she does, becoming a photographer one will want to have as a role model, her passion and wisdom and love for the things she’s into, even for children even for the less privilege ones, can still remember her passion when she was talking “Link a Child” with Funmi Iyanda on New Dawn back then, she made adoption interesting and the love and respect for those that adopt. Unlike the many things that we complain about in the country her songs brings hope to the listener, makes you feel guilty if you are not doing things right, she appeal to your soul from a realm that will penetrate your conscience.

She’s a muse, brilliant in her ideas and her sense of interpretation is perfection.

One thing that’s really intriguing about her is her sense of spirituality, her love for the celestial influence; she’s the interpretation of the new renaissance infusing her cultural vibe and the art of luxury, calm sense of being polite, full of respect for humanity and the greatness embedded in its body, her vibe is decent and contagious bringing your ego and pride to a different light a place that’s she’s from, she connect with your craft and person, your joy and passion, she sees from a different angle, where she sees from is beautiful every time. The realness of her pictures, joy and happiness has a way of calming you and somehow heals and distract you from the reality that surrounds you, the soft tone of pretty colours, the mix of fashion and renaissance vibe, emotions and passion, the innocent feel, pure and plain, more like a god or goddess she makes her subject look making them worthy of adoration of the spiritual charm they possess, from the look in their eyes to their smiles or even laugh, the respect of the pose of their body and at the same time she blends it capturing the sexuality of their body making them human, human possessed by a god.