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Retro Punk Fashion is a kind of fashion trend that we are yet to explore in these part of the world because of our personalities and also the associated bright colours and electro style of cloths. Our environment make us feel it won’t represent our personality well, most people around here will rather go for the everyday style to avoid criticism,we stereotype our fashion around here to a particular kind of trend and the kind of activity we do daily,our everyday outing also help us to be stereotyped.

Though we still have great people that are so good with style and you’ll always love their fashion and style.
Punk Fashion is loud and it expose your inner creativity, your inner beauty and also your inner kind of madness…lol it’s about your style.

Punk Fashion is crazy as most people tend to believe because of it’s loud and sometimes bright colours that you’ll need to combine. Fashion is a life that’s not static it’s been recycle on a daily. The fashion trend which we call Punk and Retro fashion today use to be an old trend back then in the late 80’s which the kind of music then was a major influence “Disco” “Rock”. Bright,colourful,shining lights which was associated with Disco. Disco is gently treading back to the society though it’s been done in a modern way now,around here it’s kind of a different ball game “AfroBeat”.Punk Fashion is highly related with “AfroBeat” in a recent creative way though because of it’s energy driven, lights and it’s electronic sound that’s gradually coming to take over our airwaves, many artist are already sampling little or full AfroBeat in their music eg Wizkid, Burnaboy and my boys “FNG” Fresh ‘n’ the Gang, and they are letting their fashion blend with these sound already, though some in a cooler and more accessorize way.

Punk fashion can be express in a way that’ll suit your personality Loud or Cool.
Don’t be the last to join these trend, be the trend setter make this fashion a trend already.

-For Cooperate People- Cool loud colours combo..Blue,cool green,white.

-Loud People and fashion obsess lovers like me go for the loud and shouting colours and you’ll be notice and believe me people will love you for it…Bright green,sky blue,pink,red,white + crazy colours.

And always make it fit for the occasion!

-Club,pool,casual meeting(depending on your profession)
-Parties,schools (lectures).
Spot that trend and make it trendy.!
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