Stand In Your Glory – Serenity Hart

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Nudity Pause a little and picture you, picture the whole world in the beginning mode, when there was no shame, when it was a free living without the judgement of what people will say, in the garden experiencing nature and not ashamed of stretch marks and pubic hair, when the world was without blemish and the thought of sex when you see a lady’s body was not a trend, when nudity was not a crime, when it was free to be naked and experience nature, that world was the original world that we miss right now and it’s that world people like Serenity Hart is creating even in the present world of censuring part of the body that you are not ashamed of.

I remember the first time we got talking her world she introduced me to and it was a beautiful world she live in, her courage and energy to bring her thoughts to life, her imaginations and how much she’s proud of her body, it was around that time when Harnaam Kaur letter to her body broke out on the internet and Tess Holiday #effyourbeautystandard was gaining in on the public.

She started the movement Embrace Your Nakedness, to the ordinary mind you’ll wonder why you should love your nakedness especially in this society that being naked is almost a crime, the society that has train us to see our body differently and meant to be inside clothes only, helping us to know our body less because we hide it from us even. I remember when the public education about breast cancer began back then, when women were advice to feel their breast often so they can spot if there’s a lump early, it sound strange to many women, but now many will joyfully feel their breast, life is beautiful after-all.

Be True To Yourself, Hustle Hard, Stand In All Your Glory. – Serenity Hart

Our body is art, and it’s not meant to be hidden, it’s meant to be showcased and that’s her movement and that’s why I fell in love with this photo of her on Instagram, it’s everything, the kind of boldness and freedom we crave in this world right-now.

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