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IMG_2321Sexiness and style is a thing of the mind, the level of our civilization and the courage of our thought. As much as the society we found our self in has define and represent us on their own defining what we are to be and appear as, new knowledge and civilization has thought us otherwise, has thought us how we can reach for our self, how we can use our vibe to make us happy, the issue of sexiness is one issue many still treat as immoral, as not right for a human to be, that’s why they are quick to judge the sex scenes they see in movies or some beautifully creative fashion they see on the red carpet or on the runway. Things are meant to grow, civilizations are meant to get better and to better us too, and we are supposed to be open to new ideas to try.

Like most girls, they love to be appreciated and interesting they love people to stare and they make it worth their while every time they stare. She’s a fashion killer and she’s always open to new dare fashion, the society has no hold on her, she’s got bold of her own. So she told me she just want to make heads turn, she wants them to stare and to make it worth their while. Her activities for the day will be going in for fitting with her designer and from there she’ll meeting with her boyfriend at his place and she’ll love to be seductive to him too as she will like to be with anybody that set eyes on her. The weather today is a bit cold but conducive for almost any kind of outfit.

She is the casual kind of person, yet she loves the sophistication, she loves to be attractive looking like she didn’t spend time to look that good, she love less but interesting and for this day she just want to be seductive. Ever since she gave herself to freedom, she’s being trying to push herself, trying to do what’s in her head, what she’ll like to look. She discover that she careless about what people think when she’s feeling sexy, she care more about herself, she communicate with herself more, it gives her confidence, she get that in her skin when she’s sexy, she get to connect with her skin and how beautiful she is. Like she said, she has always think sexy and attractive as a cheap tool to be noticed, or for guys to call her, she has always wanted to be sexy and attractive but her knowledge about it has being wrong. But as she began to connect with herself and noticing what she enjoys more, what makes her confident she began to discover that she will like to dress famous, she’ll love to dress like those models on the billboard, in her words “ I like to look like a model, like those ones you see on the magazine cover or those ones on the billboard that look like they want to fuck you even if you are a girl, they look interesting and confidence, you can see they enjoy their body and what they are doing, they love their body and I want to love my body and enjoy all of my curves.” Before now she said she gets shy when people compliment her about her body, when people tell her she’s pretty and her body is awesome, but back then she try to hide the body with clothes that don’t appreciate or speak her body, she feels what will people say, how will people look at me, yes she loves it because her body makes her day, she said in the bathroom she takes her time looking into the mirror for a long time, looking at how great her body is, the curves just like how African women own it. She discovers are greatness by accident kind of, she had an early drink on a Saturday morning, all spiced up and happy listing to songs from a playlist she didn’t even know who arranged it on her iPad and she felt a pinch of wanting to free so she gave in and that was her way to freedom. She said for the first time she decided to wear what she’ll never wear out, so she pick her distress bump short and a tank top and gladiator sander with a black leather jacket and a red lipstick with beautiful makeup, a ring with a black glittering stone on the ring finger, and she left the house. “All my life I never felt the way I felt that day, I know I was looking beautiful and the world know I was, I felt the world complimenting me and smiling down on me, telling me how beautiful I was and how I should appreciate my body”. I complimented myself before leaving the house that day to go to the mall, I love how I look, I almost became obsess with myself, I saw what have never seen in me before, I saw confidence, I saw sexy and polite, I saw freedom, not thinking of what people will think or how they will react to me, seeing me like this the first time. I was marveled when I begin to command attention as I walked out, it was a beautiful experience she said and from that moment I know what I want to be, I know how I want to look and I know sexy is not a crime, so I decided to be sexy.

Denim became the answer, the vibe she needs for this day, she’s a denim lover, going through her wardrobe you’ll see denims that will make you want to live you whole eternity in denim world, she’s got a great taste for denims. Biker straight well fitted, a bit deep blue jean, not ripped just plain pant, she wore an elastic 100% cotton red briefs for the comfort of her, a baby pink Versace coloured pumps to fit the jean pant and also to add a touch of sexiness and chick, a red lace bra that hugs her breast right, round and full, a plain white shirt with the sleeve rolled to her elbow, buttoned half way, top three buttons were unbuttoned revealing the lace that link the two cups of her breast together and her cleavage, a jean jacket on top of it, the jacket sleeve folded too with the sleeve of the white shirt over laying the folded sleeve of the jacket.

Like McQueen said I love all women I style to be feared, well for me I like them to look like artifact, decorated, so she slips on two bold statement rings on.