Sultry Somkele; Photography by Aham Ibeleme

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Somkele the MuseYou can’t take it away from the women of this generation, of this time, they are sexy and beautiful and sultry and they are confident and smart and intelligent, they are beautiful mothers with a good heart and good skills that made them a modern day woman that’s redefining motherhood, creating beautiful art, beautiful photos and playing muse in real life, they are great women, king women like Kemi will call them.

The confidence of a lady is the expression of her sexy, she knowing who she really is, her pride and beautiful ego, the aura of her sultryness radiates and you can’t help but appreciate her, appreciate the story that made her, her passion and how-far she has come to be the woman that she is, the sultry beauty that the lens of the camera adores and can’t resist, the appreciation of the sexiness that’s embedded in her, her poise and her pose, she’s beautiful and sultry and the lens and the photographer knows this and our eyes don’t lie too.

Somkele I

Being sexy and sultry is a beautiful thing, it shows the depth of how much of you, you know, the level of your confidence and the acknowledgement of your worth, being a human, knowing you’re beautiful and sexy, for if you don’t know that and appreciate yourself like that, that fulfillment you may never have.

Photography by Aham Ibeleme - Wedding Party

Somkele, her beauty you can’t deny, how clothes fits her every time you’ll appreciate, her charm in photos will make you stare longer, she cast a sultry spell in photos and you’ll always love how she’s stealing your attention away, the charm in her eyes, the reflection of the studio lights on her, her pose and how the complexion of her skin glows, the fit of her clothes and even how the camera captures her at the right moment every time.

Sultry Somkele

Somkele is the definition of the modern day woman, photography is changing our time, defining the creativity of our heart, bringing our thoughts to reality, to see beauty in everything, to see reality from a different point of view and to see things, see humans in their true nature, how they truly are and not how the society or cultures define them to be. Just as the photographer title this collection “Sultry” you can see it too, Somkele will make you appreciate being sultry, smart and being a muse for the photographer, for the lens.

Somkele I

Photography by Aham Ibeleme

Muse – Somkele I

MUA – T.A’LA Mode Beauty

Outfit by Andrea Iyamah

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