Tess Holliday Staying Mad Until Things Change. Her Twitter Reply to Matt

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Tess HollidayEverytime I’m vocal about topics that go against what I believe (& frankly things we all should give a shit about), I wake up to headlines saying “Tess Holliday blasts ______”. But like, sometimes it feels like all I do is complain & I worry that others feel that way.

Tess Holliday Twitter replyIt’s not all bad, I have so many blessings in my life, but my role on this earth isn’t just to be a pretty face & make y’all wanna buy the clothes I wear (& if that’s your thing, then cool!). I’m so grateful to have a husband that adores my body, supports my career/our path together, that has listened to me cry about my own sexual assaults when I was writing my book & never once judged me. Why? Because he isn’t an asshole like Matt.

Tess Holliday vs MattmcMen like Matt are why the patriarchy is coming crashing down. Men like Matt are why women like me are angry, & tired, so tired. Men deal with things like this too, & I get that. But I’m frustrated that when women like Rebel share their truths, it’s met with ridicule because of the size of her body. I dont understand why people think it’s okay to make jokes about plus size bodies/bodies in general. We aren’t a punchline. Effyourbeautystandard Tess Holliday

I’m staying mad until things change. It may never happen in my lifetime, but I will eat my goddamn ice cream, continue to speak out & be damn glad that my life doesn’t have to be spent next to a man like Matt.

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