Tess Holliday Teaching Us How To Reply Body Shammers

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I hate when ppl comment “you’ve lost weight, you look good!” No bitch, I’m still fat as hell, but I know my angles AND I still look good. – Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday In this age if you don’t know yourself the world will help you define you and you may not like that definition because it may depress you and make you live in the shadow of yourself making you fulfil your purpose less which is why you’ll need to define you first and know who you are and your purpose before the society will define you for you because they’ll never define you the way you are, they’ll define you the way they feel you should be and describe you in their own language who you are not and really who knows you better? You of course so define you first.Fat Model

And really that’s why I’ve always love Tess, her definition of herself is everything that’s inspiring this new world to be better and for many to understand what they need to do for themselves first, in this world that many people want to be that approved size and will go to almost any length to be that “Instagram” girl size or that approved fashion size, she stood out and that is style because it was she that was the first size 22 model in the world and right now everybody is celebrating her and yes she love being fat and we love her fat too because she’s giving us good vibes that’s making us wish for her size and that’s the beauty of confidence, when you are confident about you, the world will feel that energy and love you that way, though there’ll still be some bad ass that will still want to shame you but you can always tell them to fuck off because their opinion is not needed, the only thing that’s needed here is your opinion.

So love you and be good with you.

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