TGIF a Cliche; Friday is Fun

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The idea of thanking God every Friday has become a cliche, everyday is a new day to thank God for if really we want to thank God, fuck it, thank God everyday and stay wild all the time, chase away boredom and be the life of the party, get your left side brain busy and live every shyness away because you’re all that matters, the confidence you seek you get and people will only relate with you based on the confidence you project, it all balls down to you, how people treat you, the karma you give.

You don’t have to wait for Friday to be fun and wasted, make people think everyday is Friday, don’t let the fire die, the spirit of fun and happiness, the groove of the heart.

Miley Cyrus
When we were young the rich bucket list we have, the strength and the vision of making it happen we nurse and when we have the opportunity to bring them to life we definitely won’t wait till is Friday before we can make them come through, so why wait till it’s Friday before you can be naughty and wild, live everyday like it’s Friday.

Though the joy of Friday you can’t relegate, the naughtiness in the air, the urge for sex and the wish for vanity, doing it all under the influence of the flow, the reality of it’s Friday switch on the other personality in you, the groovy life of the party you that radiate with a contagious energy, your look too and your vibe. Friday oh Friday, the day of fun.

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