TGIF; Like a Drug

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Feel for the first time and your life will never be the same again, it’s like a drug, it will take over you and you will lose control of everything that you’ve ever being, your existence as human you will forget and the lust of the affection will thrill you and you’ll just enjoy being lust and lost in the arms of love, the love that’s taking you out of your present state, your present life.

For once you should feel, love many artist sing about, many stories about the thrills of love, but we fear it more than we love it, though we love to hear the stories but to live the life, we are scared of because we don’t want to lose our-self, it’s the only truth we know, so we protect us, and we live but scared of heartbreak, because we may not know how to handle our-self, and losing yourself is like losing life, so we fear love and what it can turn us to, we experience it with caution and like everything you thread caution with you don’t experience the thrills in full, and we miss out.

Some we’ll wake up one day and discover for the rest of their life they just want to keep having sex with their lover, till the end of time, because of the satisfaction and the joy they share together during the moment and after the moment, life with the lover is like that of the story book, interesting and fun and you really don’t want not to have more, the thrills of love will make you want more in life and in the relationship, even for yourself and new boundaries you’ll want to break together, new crazy you’ll want too, life will definitely have a different meaning, but we are always scared of heartbreak because we are always sure of only now, guess that’s why we still save our-self for our-self for when we’ll need it because the raining day will always come.

It’s like your favorite movie, like your favorite meal and even sex position, you’ll always be satisfied, transformed, the connection is like a high frequency of current, the energy is strong and it pulls you in, its direction, love is never boring, even in darkness with no verbal conversation, it’ll still be interesting, especially when you watch your lover sleep, life is beautiful.

But they’ll always shame and betray you somehow, because that’s how it works on earth, but that’s how we become stronger and that’s how we survive because in life, you’ll survive, but you’ll be the one to determine how interesting you want your daily survival to be, you’ll determine how boring you want it to be too, whatever decision you make at the end of the day, you’ll still have to work it, even if it’s having the sweetest sex on earth, a lover is never boring, they define interesting.

So call the lover like the first stage of the dating days, love notes and flowers, xoxo