TGIF; Tales of Last Friday 

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The idea of Friday night has always been to loose one self, to get rid of the week long boredom and come alive this night and tap into your wild side and live young wild and free, really free not having second thought or thinking it really through because it will be almost what you’ve done during the week considering you’ll be working the next day has been the thought of the week so every action was dully considered before taking any action. Friday night is created for fun, created out of the bucket list, so be free to bring out your list every Friday and as you tick some out, you add more to the list and be creative with the list.

Tales of last Friday, a little slow, no work to make time run fast like some other kind of Friday, listen to music almost all through the day and when it was evening decided to check on a friend, though this will be my first Friday since I got to this town, he was already at a bar when I got to his place so I had to go meet him up, the bar was just some few blocks away from the house, he was already in the Friday mood when I got there happy and free and fun, with big smiles and loud voice, I joined in the making of a happy Friday night and as the hour countdown our happiness increases and soon the atmosphere was changed filled with hopes and dreams and beautiful visions of our memories, talks from different side of life and we were doing happy and my phone rang, after some couple of minutes had to leave, to change joint and to hangout with a different set of friends.

The line was breaking and couldn’t really hear him from the other end of the phone, the description to the new joint I really didn’t get perfectly to have an idea of where I’m supposed to go, was kind of a little hard to locate the joint, it was an open air bar, with tables and chairs well arranged and loud music. I miss the place at first because it’s not a regular bar where we could hangout, though I’ve always thought to myself what it will be like in that kind of bar, it’s a Fuji bar and beer. In this town there are different classes of bar, the street open air beer bar, the street open air spirit and luxury drinks bar, the sex workers bar hangout, the exotic bars and clubs, so really you have lots of hangout and bars to visit and experience, it was the open air street beer bar, was able to spot one of the clique so I walk in, the music was loud, the bartender was married and pretty her husband was in the bar too and often they share drink when she’s a little not busy serving, in her stones studded native attire she serve, nose ring and a gelled hair, pretty, slightly sultry she bartend, different class of people where present, different shades of drunks and party lovers as they dance joyfully to the sound that’s coming from the speakers and after some few hours we left for where seems promising for the night, the club.

Rushed back home to change for the new night and finally reunited with the clique at the entrance of the the club, they were waiting for me so we could go somewhere different as the spot we reserved was really not reserved for us, so we left and drove through the night into another part of the city to another club to meet another set of friends and their we lived the night, the bucket list Friday night, the boys were happy and alive with lots of drinks on the table, loud and really happy music was in the air, the Dj was spinning life and the girls were lust in the mood happy and dancing giving many people a run for their money.

One beautiful thing with alcohol is, you don’t get to remember much the next day what you did the previous night but everything you do at that time you do right as everything is being done with your short time memory and it fades away almost the very minute you’ve done them, can’t really remember much of what happened at the club but it was fun, the story and gist the next day proved it so, lots of laughs as we call each other the next day, though the Saturday was a hangover Saturday, the longest hangover we’ve experienced in a long while because it extended to the early part of Sunday and it was just water we drank throughout the weekend.

Another Friday is here, guess it will be a different and new experience, another making of a beautiful Friday experience, Fridays are really created for fun.