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Fashion Girls

Ok let’s party, it’s Saturday like no other day. Beautiful weekend with reasons to be shameless letting fun take over wild. Weekends should be for exploring and breaking all rules about ethics, caution and decency, living free to enjoy the side of life that birth good memories of fun that’ll later make you smile; bad decisions are fun and risky.

It’s weekend to plan for because there’s a reason to party, to release oneself from bad vibes and boredom of the week. Put on the armor that’ll make you want to do the wild, it’s weekend after all, booze, pot and pretty ladies, beautiful playlist that’ll make you dance till eternity with the strength of a super hero, joy is all you’ll feel. Happiness transports you from the normal realm to the alternative mode. Weekend of vibes that’ll make people bring out their phone to capture every single moment of you having beautiful time enjoying music and good dance, high percentage of good spirit, 38% and above.

It’s usually a blank cheque, not wanting to make bucket list that’ll be limiting but to do everything that comes to mind, turning imaginations to reality. When the pot kicks in you smile and laugh at everything that’s interesting, lyrics of songs becomes clearer music, you become happy instantly. Puff after puff, sip after sip, the tipsy phase kicks in and the strength in you doubles, party monster you’ll become dancing to every song.

Fashion Girls

Made from heaven this kind of weekend, nothing matters except the joy of getting stoned, the songs and taking beautiful pictures effortless without pose or the consciousness to create better pictures that are always perfect, they create memories you’ll not make in your conscious life. Taste of freedom lingers, crazy moment that makes you joyful with boldness, determination and a good sense of direction and humor that leads you and you follow good. No time checking, party till the break of dawn, possessed by the spirit of party, contagious vibe that everybody follows your lead. When it’s a house party you peel off the sense of limit, songs too beautiful to ignore, girls in pretty cloths that attracts, impressive dance move with sultry vibe, lust in their eyes. Two dancing bodies from the same heavens of fun and lust, real and obvious seduction, the life we wish for in a weekend house party, the fun never stops.

Weekends are meant to reset us for the new week ahead, for a new challenge, they are meant to help us free our mind from all of our fantasies, weekends are meant to make us live and smile to make real beautiful memories, to be a little naughty, experimental and shameless, this helps us function properly in the new week. It helps create new things to talk about and the lesson learnt, analyzing our level of how fun we can be.