Thank God It’s Monday

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Fashion Girl Cartoon Thank God it’s Monday a new day, a new week, a time to start again, to start afresh and create a beautiful memory and good energy that’ll last for the week before it’s Friday, thank God the weekend is over and it’s back to work again, back to the job that pay the bills, to the job we love, maybe the job some people endures but thank God we are not boring and sleeping all day in bed having just any kind of sex out of boredom and nothing to do, thank God we are bettering life out there, one way or the other.Stylist Cartoon

In the current situation of the world right now, especially in my society, in this country where the economy is crazy and people just want to earn a living, you should be grateful you have a job if you do because a million people will kill for that job of yours, a million people will want that frustrated life of yours because that’s their dream, so give yourself a little credit, you deserve it, you are better than some people, way better, so don’t beat yourself up, yes shit happens sometimes and the good thing is we always want to be better, so it’s a good thing you want real good things for yourself but don’t hate now, don’t hate the process just enjoy it.The Artist Within

So we enjoy the current time a little, we tend to live in the future or even in the past but often not in the moment guess that’s how we are defaultly wired but hey! living in the moment can be hard but it’s fun, so it’s Monday let’s not wish for it’s Friday already, you can miss a lot of things wishing instead of being, so let’s be today, let’s do everything we would have love to do, if you’ll love to kick start the day with a beautiful romantic sex, cool, if that will help you survive the day, beautiful music, Yoga, get into that beautiful cloth that’ll house that gorgeous body of yours and get that vibe, change the usual DNA of Monday and get pumped up, be alive for its Monday, let’s be productive already and make the world a better place.

Thank God it’s Monday.