The Act of Scratching

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Fashion MotivationThinking about the morals that has trained us to be who we are today, the teachings of the society and our parents, somethings we are never meant to do because they are totally wrong or inappropriate, even if it’s just the simple act of scratching your yanch, because it look and sound disgusting and ridiculing to the personality and as a social beings, somethings can’t be done especially in the public, so you endure and bear it all.

Growing up especially for the ladies, they grow up fast, their sense, knowing who they are, their sexuality they became aware of, so they take care of themselves to look more attractive, to have confident and be bold and mature thinking ahead of their age but for the boys at that same growing age with a girl they remain a boy, playful and careless, living in the moment, taking risk and doing daring things, experimenting and trying new things, crazy thoughts, but as they grow up, they mature with their age and some of the things they do back then growing up, they don’t do anymore, their goals becomes their passion, the thought of setting up their family and to take care of their responsibilities, while the lady at this stage relax because she’s done being mature and now some wish for her growing up, the chance to do it all then, to be free and to explore the crazy side of life, while some deal with life with it different shades.Society Values

Like they say, the creative adult is the child that survive and not every child survive, but the ones that do, you’ll spot them. Walking on the street after the close of work, this evening, on the street everybody you’ll see, the tired ones that just can’t wait to reach home to pull everything and the hungry ones that eat while walking, the pretty looking ones and the street boys, it’s always a busy street every evening. She was wearing a glossy louboutin heels, with a stretchy black long pencil skirt, a wrap floral crop shirt and XO army green bomber jacket, graciously she walk the street like everybody walking that evening, soon she deep her hand into her skirt and she scratch her yanch.

Ordinarily in this town with the new age of technology, many people on the street would have pick up their phones to record and take pictures so they can post on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and everywhere they could, she was sexy with it and you can’t help but admire how she scratches, couldn’t help but compliment her and she said “I can’t suffer because of what the society think is right, it’s my yanch and it’s my scratch”

She’s a revelation of the new society, the new freedom and how sick and bored people are living, the act of scratching is never meant to hurt anybody, it’s being in discomfort and getting comfort, how does that hurt?

It’s 2018 the year of the new culture.