The Amy Inside

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Amy Winehouse

The Amy in me is the monster I love, the jazz, pop, freedom and lust for the life I live, the beautiful life they’ll call insane but who sanity help? Being different is the life we know and celebrate because life is life when it’s different from the life the other person is living or the life you hear them preach to you about. The soul is different, the body too, our sense and size, everything is meant to be different, the rhythm of our walk, our voice during sex, the look in our eyes. It’s a different day every day, different thought and our view of things, every day is a different and new day, why live like yesterday when you can live a new day today.

The Amy inside taught me real love. Find what you love and let it kill you, love for everything, for sound and alcohol, for Jazz and beautiful lyrics, bee hive, tattoos and bold vibe. She’s the Amy that change how to live with your craft and how to bring it to life the very moment you feel it, the right way you feel it at that moment. She resonate passion of lust for music and love, creative even without knowing it because it’s the real you you’re living. The rhythm of the energy you feel, your guts and the death of what the world think or want.

Amy Winehouse

Its love and lust inside, tattoos of time, lyrics of ideas, fashion of attractive sex like in the movies, addiction that kill sweet, beautiful death of the character. Reality of living in the moment for the future that’s yet to come. Amy made a beautiful story of how to live fun and die fast. Everything comes with the life, the pain and rules, sex and fashion, how to behave. Her love is real, fun and plain with no hate, we want peace, missing love we fear to have, fear of being taken advantage of. Rules are words that fence life into cage of pain and pretense. We are not made from the books but made by the breath that was breath into us, by the skin that was given to us, the one that they want us to be ashamed of, to cover the beauty of it.

Amy was made to be the example of life and passion, of love that kills with beautiful story and thrills that will later hurt humanity of the death we allowed. Joy of addiction and alcohol we always want, thought of the artiste within and the living of that artiste in real life. The Amy inside is the Amy the world miss, the Amy that shaped us, she broke all the rules and made it her own. Fuck me pumps.