The Art of Motolani’s Photos

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The first time I met her was at a meeting in December, she was reserved with beautiful smile and when she was introduced as the photographer, really I didn’t have an idea of what her art of photography will be like, my head was blank, usually around here there’s not much female photographers, just few of them probably that’s why I couldn’t picture what her art could look like, was itching to see though, all through the meeting her smile was fine and she pose shy a little in her feminine soft a little lazy with confidence voice. Our smile usually give a hint of how much beauty we hold inside of the beautiful thought of art and creativity we possess inside, hers too don’t lie, her smile is a shade of her art and her images are vibrant with beautiful strong poise of light, she’s the image behind the art of her photography.

The thought in her art is full of stiff energy and vibrant vibe of light and strong serious pose by her subject, you stare more into her pictures trying to find her source, but her art caged them in, that makes you stare longer, what she makes you stare at is never boring, that’s the art behind her photography, beautiful images she creates.

So we met again at a Christmas shoot, our first time working together, just like everybody in these side of art you picture it all in your head first and all you just want to do on set is produce the images in your head, beautiful red Christmas picture we created, though we had a little tough time with the models to get into the role but the last model made our day, Sahadat she was the joy of the shoot, every pose she made created what she had in mind and it satisfy all our effort, the pictures were awesome and you could see her vibe in the pictures, vibrant and strong. The images of the Christmas shoot was a mixed one infusing the props and vibe of the season with her own art of creating images that will be stuck in your head, her images are the kind of image you hold for a long time in your memory because you can’t easily take them off, you just want to figure out something about her images, something you can’t tell but you just have these hope you’ll find it, she makes you want to find her in her images but she’s really not there, but the hope is there and you just enjoy the find because she will hold you down there, making you search beautifully.

Different shade of her she possesses, different phase too even as beautiful and interesting and vibrant her images are, so is her life and how she handles the business and the craft of the art. We met many more time at different shows and shoot and her smile will always be the first thing she’ll welcome you with and the confidence and look in her eyes, they communicate in a different way from behind the lens, in real life she’s a shade of many trait incorporated into one being, she’s her own art manifesting the different meaning of what her creation is about, she’s the life of her art, the one you search for in her works.

Art of Nude Photography by Motolani 

After different encounter and working together, we even thought of creating an image together making a form of art we both love, one thing though I notice about us every time we work or talk ideas we usually share similar thought, we mostly have a uniform point of view about things. Some days before her call came in on this Wednesday afternoon she cross my mind and I was thinking of the possibilities of her being a Taurus, her kind of energy and how she carry herself, her sense of humor and how well she relate with her subject on set even after set, her shy attitude everything about her pose her to be a Taurus, was determined to ask her when next we meet, she was suppose to get back to me on how and when the shoot will be, it’s those kind of days you fall a little under the weather and running nose and blocked head is just ruling the day, lazy and bored and the nausea drowsy feeling just drift me to a beautiful slow long sleep until when the ringing sound of the phone woke me up and it was Tolla on the screen, it’s one of those call you can’t ignore, so I pick up, she was charming and you can sense the shy charming vibe from her voice from the other end of the phone as she said the shoot will be by three o’clock that day, had no plans for the day though aside from sleeping away the day and this call from her just brought a different twist to the day, a bit scattered and not compose yet I try to bring myself to the new twist the day is about to take, so I got my groove together and get set to meet her at the mall where we will all move to the location of the shoot.

Anxiety is one thing will all deal with in a different way, I think one of the reason why around here we have African time is our own way of dealing with the anxiety of waiting, most people hate to wait, I hate to wait for someone or for a show to start and at the same time I hate standing one up or making them wait, so I rush things up and make sure I won’t keep anybody waiting, got to the meeting spot at the mall some five minute late and she was not there, though as I call her she said she’ll soon be here, at the mall you meet people, saw lots of people while I was waiting, even walk to the cinema to make enquires of when they’ll be showing “Fifty Shades Darker” but they said never, was hoping that will be my first movie at the cinema, I’m not a cinema person I just love to see movies from the comfort of my home. Soon she drove in and we met at the parking lot, she had to repark and move a little closer to where we can get shade to sit in the car while we wait for the rest of the crew. While we wait for them in the car I transfer my playlist to her system to put us into the mood when we shoot, so we talk about the shoot and how artistic we want it to look, we exchange ideas and again we were thinking along the same line as we brought same kind of props scarfs, veil, ropes it was just like we were thinking same thing, after few more minute the crew was complete and we drove to the location, we talk on our way as she drive, still talking about the creativity we want to put into the craft we are about to create, a bit engrossed in the transfer I was doing that we forgot to strap our seat belt not until we saw the road safety cops ahead of us and in a synchronized move we strap them on, it was obvious as we burst out laughing at our action and on this kind of a day the last thing you want to get involved with is the trouble of the road safety cops, we made a u turn before we get to their spot, we really don’t know where we are going, though we do drive around that area of the town but not a route all of us in the car is conversant with so we try to figure out the route as no gps to lead us there. In the car as she drive she was holding her phone, searching for images to show me, talking and she was not on her lane anymore, she was on the incoming lane and she was still on the phone not looking ahead, took the phone from her hand as she laugh telling me not to worry we are in safe hands, her hands, even without a license and she just becoming a good driver, right there I just know it’s going to be fun. So i asked if she was a Taurus and she was shocked as she replied yes I was happy and satisfied that my projections of her being a Taurus was right, even as she make those her pretty smile she was wondering how I was able to know she was, so I burst her bubbles told her I’m a Taurus too, she became more shock and the expression on her face was awesome and real and a pinch of the shy her was portrayed, now I know she’s a work of art, she’s art herself and she’s of many shades and of beautiful craft, our conversation in the car became more interesting as it’s not about the shoot we are about to, but of our lifestyle and the many commons we have, almost endless we talk about the different feel of alcohol and the mood it puts one in and the joy and the idea of freedom and selfless you become when you are on alcohol.

We almost miss our way but we were redirected by passer bys, finally we got to the location, a little difficulty picking the right spot out of the many abandoned rooms, we finally concluded on one with less natural light, hours went fast but at the end of the day we had a beautiful one and we were all satisfied with what we were able to come up with. At the end of the shoot we all became more friendlier than when we were coming, the intern and the other subject for the shoot sat at the back while I sat beside her as she drive, the only sound maybe music that kept us in tune was the radio, the radio we were not enjoying and everybody in the car started complaining which was what started the car conversation for us and it was fun as we talk from our choice of music and artiste and getting transform from the normal human state. I knew her differently when she drops me off at the bus stop.

Lost and Lonely by Motolani Olorungbon 

Busy days went by, lots of activities to contend with not even a spare time but we were able to pick a day where she’ll show me the pictures, I was anticipating of what they will look like, we met at a water place, an open garden with quite a large body of water as its boundary, under the tree we sat on a metallic yellow painted chair and table, the life in her smile never lie, even the look in her eyes, switched the laptop on and voila she slide the screen to me, I love it, it’s beautiful, the images are even better than what I pictured in my head, couldn’t take my eyes off them. The pictures made me appreciate the art of a naked body, attractive and artistic, she was happy she made those images too, the joy in her eyes.

Curious to know what her idea of nudity is, it’s a beautiful form of human existence that is always interesting from behind the camera and at the same time in the subject as they pose nude for the photographer to capture the trueness in our nature and of what the society has shape our life about making us see nudity as wrong or not appropriate, like the analogy we created we both agree that really the idea of clothing is fun and creative, incorporating different trends and fabrics to beautify the body, though many will say clothes are meant to cover our nudity than to beautify it but in the real sense of it as human we all know the anatomy of different sex, so no matter what you wear to hide or cover your nakedness as that is a norm everybody knows what your sex entails, so nudity is not suppose to be a big deal, that’s our concluded thought on nudity, it makes sense because nudity has being used as a major form of blackmail in our society and because of the biased point many has interpreted it as, but it is pure art and it is beautiful and no big deal to exist nude after all it was in nudity the first humans exist in the garden of Eden and they loved it.

She was fun all the way, discussions ranging from personal influence and travel influences and schools and life, the ups and memorable moments, the crushing and sad ones. Aside from her photography side her not professional life is interesting too, a great listener and a movie addict and she’s made for indoor.

Her eyes is different, she knows what she sees and she knows how to interpret what she sees, her works reflect the quest for perfection in every set even in a disorganized scattered location, she sees beauty in everything, her sense of appreciation reflect in her work too, she’s the eye behind the lens that translate life images into photography piece one will stare at for as long as she’ll want you to, she is Tola; Motolani Photography 

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