The Barbie Named Beverly

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Like a purple princess from the comic book she look like in this photo which was shot by Felix Crown, like the urban princess with vibe and charm and glory of a strong super African woman she posed, with her hand in her hair sometimes, and the glow in her eyes, the hue of purple in her hair and the pose of a pretty girl with the sense of living freely and happy with colors that whisper royalty and grandeur.Barbie Photography

In this generation and the message the generation holds, giving meaning to every second, creating history and documenting the art of our time with beautiful images and photographs that’s defining photography differently, showing the richness of our mind and the thought of our heart, of the different dreams we dream that we can bring to reality, the beautiful creative ones, that will tell the story of our time even when we no longer exists.

Life is beautiful they often say, but not all are convinced about that, the photos Felix Crown create will convince you differently for those that doubt the beauty in life, the colors and the retouching present to you his own view of life, the perspective he sees the world from and you can’t help but fall in love with his photos and Beverly, she’s just the right muse.

Photography by Felix Crown

MUA/Hair/Styling by Damis Faces Artistry

Barbie – Beverly Osu

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