The Beauty Inside

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Denim Fashion

The beauty inside. It’s almost every girls dream to look beautiful, sexy and appealing to people around, even in pictures. We can’t pretend we don’t like the compliment we get sometimes, especially those ones we don’t expect that comes from strangers, they always get to our soul, we love to be complimented that we look good.

The thought of what will people say has been the major fear that is robbing us of our creativity, of how beautiful we can dress. Some days you’ll wake on the happy sexy side with lots of ideas and how you want your body to feel, the kind of fabric you want caressing your skin throughout the day, all of this want we let slide away, sacrificing our pleasure, comfort and happy compliment for the sake of what will people say? I can’t wear this because of the society am in.

It’s really painful when you try to style a client and they tell you wow, I love this style, it’s beautiful, but I wish I can wear this and you wonder why. You hear things like my husband won’t allow me to or no I can’t, people on the street will stare at me, they won’t see it as fashion because they are not civilized and they look at me like am not wearing it well. Lots of excuse.

Body Beauty

People make excuse for almost anything, especially when they are not sure, when it’s new and they are yet to test the waters. They sometimes see themselves as a scapegoat and they’re scared to be the first, what if am wrong. Well like many things in this world, the more mistakes you make the many new ideas you create, the more good you become.

The beauty we possess inside need to be nourished, our ego needs to be fed. The disorder we suffer sometimes are not as a result of our environment or what has happened to us but what we’ve done to ourselves, how we’ve starve and deprive our ego from what is right, from what we are suppose to give it, for our comfort. Let’s feed ourselves with right thoughts, clothes and with lots of beautiful things.