The Bell Sleeve by Wana Sambo

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Wana SamboThe Joy Blouse and the Didi Blouse are the queens of the weekend. With their bell sleeves, inverted darts, unconventional necklines and unusual peplums. These two are here to steal the show this weekend.

Formal | Fun

The Joy Blouse is such a babe with her neckline. We just can’t get enough of the white buttons racing down her chest line. The bishop-collar neckline brings a formal feel to the fun created by bell sleeves, inverted darts and the mini peplum.

Wana Sambo

Tender | Strong

The Didi Blouse is a must-have for every Wana Sambo Woman. Creating an unpredictable and ironical vibe in the way the tender tulle at the shoulder line holds up the entire blouse made with double solid gauze fabric.Corporate Fashion

Didi Blouse shows how the most tender things can be the source of our strengths.

Fashion Girl