The Carefree Girl

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Posing for the camera is always fun, especially when it’s just you and your guts, your pride and how beautiful you just appreciate the look of the day, our look reveals our vibe for day, the energy and thoughts in our head, even the look in the eyes says it all.

Jackets are our obsession, we love how it make the body look, the fit and how it translates trend and the beauty of layering blending all other clothes inside into a beautiful layer of art fabrics. The pride it gives the body and the confidence too, you don’t go wrong with a jacket and a jean, denim is the way of life, it brings the beauty of the legs making it fit, the firm hugging against the skin compliment the art of the leg making it perfect for whatever trend that will be infused to it and when it’s distressed it brings out the trend of style.

Just like diamonds are girls best friends so is heels, it’s a girl’s companion they complete the look and make the body pretty, the additional height and how they influence your walking and the attractiveness it gives the whole body even the beautiful sense of sitting they make you make.

When it’s light camera pose for the profession it’s always fun and the ability to bring different expression to life is always interesting but when it’s just the girl and the camera the sassy attitude you can’t hold back, intriguing and real different vibe from the professional set. A sassy girl is interesting the joy of her body and her all mixed up style just the way it comes to her mind, mixing trends with all kind of accessories to satisfy the carefree vibe in her even in her pose, it’s the season of freedom, expression and being carefree.

Photography by Jojo Spitta

Model – Bidemi