The CHLOE, YETUNDE and BAMBI Dress – Wana Sambo #WSEdit

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The Wana Sambo Edit is collaboration between the Wana Sambo Brand and Women who exude strength, independence and creativity in their various fields. #WSEdit. . .

Our first #WSEdit this year is the “My friend shot these” series in collaboration with Award winning Actress, Beverly Naya.

We decided to create pictures which capture the day-to-day woman’s life where she’s seen in less “professional photographer-esque” images but the “My friend shot these” images daily appeal.

The CHLOE Dress.Photographed outdoors, with the feel of “my friend to took this picture” on different day’s, creating memories they would re-live for a life time, most likely as when these friends grow older and are speaking of their younger years scrolling through these images. . .

The YETUNDE DressIn this image, we wanted to depict a scenario where friends are photographing each other and the one being photographed says: “why was I so shy in this image? Lol and, look how I beckoned on you to give me my phone, hahaha! My drama sha!”

The BAMBI PairHere, she says to her friend “girl, this bench served us great memories! The constant lateness of the Taxi man allowed us take these photo’s! I couldn’t even keep a straight face as people kept staring!”

They both laugh heartily, thoughts about the past being relived as they get on with their day…