The Color Red

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Editorial Photos What’s your idea of red, of colors, of beautiful color that attracts and make you think of how beautiful existence is, even if reality is stranger than the dreams we dream, existence is got its own thrills and that’s why we survive against all odds every waking day, so pick up the pieces and live already, live like the idea of the color red, attractive and beautiful.

We dream in colors, different shade of colors we see everyday but red like some people’s favorite colors catch your attention even if it means danger sometimes, beautiful danger that gives good chills that’ll make you want to explore, so live a very attractive life already, like in the movies, a life that fit the definition of the color red.

Fashion Photography

Let’s live in colors that’ll inspire us to be a better version of who we are supposed to be, let’s live with the idea of red, of beautiful photography that’ll translate the visions of our mind and the picture in our head, it’s a good thing to be red.

Model: @m.akayla.grace
Lighting Assistant: @cj_2.2 (Claudel Raphael Jr.)
Photographer: @claudel_raphael