The Crazy We Should Do Tonight

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Lust Fashion Tonight let’s do something new, tonight let’s be a different us, the new us we don’t know, let’s just act as we think, crazy and different, let’s be the thought we repress, the thought the world will define crazy, let’s be different, let’s be new and nice and fun and wild, let’s get out of the boring ideas of what’s normal, of what they define as appropriate, let’s be inappropriate, just us too, in the dark room with candles and sad music of Lana, drunk music of Amy and the classic sounds of Lady Day, let’s make Asa bring us back home to the pride of where we are from, the land of culture and art, of local fashion and fresh drink from the palm tree, let’s get intoxicated by it, let’s be brand new.

Let’s take off our clothes like they hurt our skin, let’s dive into the water like our life depends on it, let’s dance like that’s what we are created for, let’s drink like it’s the last time, let’s kiss because your lips is precious and sweet, your sexy eyes and the comforting fluffiness of your hair, let our skin touch and remain like that, your hands all over me, your tongue too.

Sexy Ebony

Let’s dream while we’re awake, let’s say new words, the ones we’ve never said before, let’s make new sound and dance new dance, our love is a new love of lust that we’ll forever cherish, let’s be a new story of love, a new definition that will make sense for eternity, let’s be our idea of eternity and being alone in the world, the thought we’ve nurse and build new existence as if we were the only one in the world, let’s be great together like we’ve always dreamt, let’s live like we’re lost in limbo.

The thought of us together is the only thing that makes sense, just us in the world, like Adam and Eve in the beginning, let’s build a beautiful world of love and lust.