The Culture of the World Before 2117

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2117It’s 2117 today in 2017, this day is a reflection of what the next 100 years will look like if things do not change before then, if our way of life has not change and if a new civilization has not taken over the world to change the human mind and race from the lifestyle humans have lived right from the creation of the world, the traditions and cultures that has helped us to develop into these version of humans that we are, of what the world is, the wars and the hatred, the discrimination and the degradation of the eco system, new living the world need before it’s actually 2117.

So in the world today are different cultures and race, different ideologies and beliefs and different ways of life, we live differently as different things made us, our struggles and our personality and our environment and what we feed our ego with, role models and the passion for what we want to achieve, it’s a world with diverse personality and influence, right now in the world, the world is bored and struggling, wanting new things and new culture, new way of life, trial and error maybe, with sickness without cure yet, the world just want to experience new things, new fun, new life. Depression and suicide rules, dreamers and creative thrive to impact the world with new ideas, new sounds and lyrics, new and refined fashion, daring trends and the love and appreciation of the body.

Mouyor Buttons for 2117, Motolani Olorungbon, Cynthia Olorungbon, Moyosore The love and confidence of the body is the trend right now, before now the world and society has made us live in the believe of what sexy is and what the right kind of body is, but right now, we’ve found the real truth and everybody is loving the feel of the freedom, to be sexy and pretty just as you are, for we are created to be us because we’ve all got beauty in every of us and we’ve got greatness too, for we are all sexy and every body is beautiful, all you need do is look inside and find it, not letting the definition of the world shape you to be the boring version the world itself is tired of, the hate and cyber bullies, sexual harassment and not making you maximize your ability, cultures and doctrines at this time has made us minimize the use of our potential and abilities because of how they’ve define decency and respect, and career, especially for women.

Moyosore and Cynthia Olorungbon New trends and culture and way of life is gradually sipping into the existence of humanity, though new and they are yet to understand this, so they label it wrong and rude and illicit and disrespectful, the way of humans that has been embedded in our DNA is to judge what we don’t understand, which makes it quick for people to criticize even before they understand the message and the idea behind it.

Though the world might be bored right now, but a lot has changed since we’ve been given birth to, the world has evolve, technology and career, fashion and nudity, falling in love and the idea of love even, the world is beginning to understand love differently, even same sex marriages and how we have sex even, internet has help unify the world differently making it a global village where you can access almost any information about anything, different social network and how people live on internet, the social media is all about the luxury lifestyle, how to show it and make it attractive and beautiful.

Motolani Olorungbon 100 Years For a fashion girl in the present world, she is the life of the party, pretty and attractive, daring and bold to wear whatever she feels like to wear, taking pictures that will inspire even the world that is yet to come, her life is interesting and real, not letting the society to define for her things about her, herself she knows more, her way of life she dictate and better every single day.

Right from the creation of the world, great influencers and artistes have lived and contributed their knowledge and creativity to the betterment and growth of the world, so in 2017 Pharrell Williams decide to record a song that will be released in Nov 2117 and only few people were privilege to listen to it, saved in a vinyl that will be destroy and the song lost forever if how we treat our eco system do not change, because right now in this world and how we are living our daily life, the eco system is suffering and we are contributing to its dying and if we continue like this, the world may not exist by 2117 and that song will be lost forever, the song this present generation did not have access to listen to, it’s a song made for people of the future. So if we really care about the future and the continuity of human race it’s time we change our way of life and embrace a new culture that will sustain humanity.

2117, 100 Years

Let’s be the new culture, the new fun that will get the world out of it boring state and live life that will sustain the human race, let’s make 2117 a happy, civilized and free world.

Live a Legacy and be the new world.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Models – Cynthia Olorungbon and Moyosore