The Day I Fell in Love

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African Fashion Girl

Nkechi Eziokwu, Styled by Bold

It made sense the day I fell in love, for that day saved me, that day is the reason for this day, the day one found purpose, the reason to live, we live for different reasons, we live for life even, for how we look and the choice of our style, because fashion is the style we define as we live, our ideas of how clothes should be worn, with the vibe to make it look cool and attractive like the idea of love at first sight, maybe lust but the attractiveness you can’t deny, you’ll fall for everything about her beauty.

The look in your eyes I won’t trade for anything, the texture and the fabrics, the fit of clothes and the pda of it, beautiful with the chorus of sexy, always in the eye of the beholder, charming and inviting, making the world a better place with the glamour of your aura, styled by bold, you can wear it all, just like the muse, she inspires, the idea of style and fit, of sexy and happiness and the kind of pose camera can’t resist.


A beautiful day the day we fell in love, we stayed all night like soothsayer looking through the crystal ball as we predict the future, creating beautiful memories as we play dress up, trying out different possible ways to wear this piece, beautiful with the idea of wearing clothes with grace, glorifying the body, flaunting the confidence of it, their standard we don’t live by, just by the beauty we behold, the vibe of our mind and the swag of our charisma.

My clothes, my love, the one I’ll always cherish and your words, your truth I’ll always cherish, your compliment I won’t trade for anything, just like this body, my house and my lover, our love is thrilling, our relationship too, we make perfect outing every time.

Styled by Bold

When I fell in love with clothes.

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