The Deborah Prest Fever “Her Music Got Me”

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Deborah PrestSometimes I still ask myself why did I love Amy Winehouse so much that her space is just there for she alone, no contest, but other artists I love greatly too, Jazz and Lana Del Rey, Sinatra, Lady Day (Billie Holiday) and I love Deborah Prest, she’s good like that.

Great music are always great music and you just know one from the first note, you can guess from the look, but you can be wrong, but voice don’t lie and passion are real, looks compliment the good of your heart and the passion of the voice, her voice is made for music and her vibe and strength is meant for the stage, when she performs, you can’t escape her charm for you’ll give her your attention willingly because she deserves it and you too because you’ll be lifted from the thought of your heart into the joy and the groove of the present moment that’s what her performance can do to you and you’ll love it, you’ll love her.

Singing Girl

The first time we met, her look got my attention, this Afro she and her manager Bibian was carrying on their head, some afropolitan vibes, it was different and cool, didn’t know what to expect, so the event started and she sang, I almost forget to breathe, she practically took my breath away because, it was like those voice you hear in movies, flawless and her vibe as she sings too. Searched for her on Instagram and I didn’t miss anything on her voice again, she sings like an Angel.

Music they say is the food to the soul, just like real food, you need to eat right for your body to be nourished, eat junks and spoilt food you know what can happen to your body, good music builds you and reassures you of the beauty of life and the possibilities of making it all happen, the goose bumps and the concentration, the movement of the body and the glory of the present, the mix of the sounds coming from the guitar and the drums and other instruments mixed with the strength of her voice, every other thing will almost be meaningless except the sound and her voice that you’re listening too.

Retro Photos

Probably my love for pictures or probably because of the kind of movies and musical videos I watch, some particular kind of pictures always appeal to the eyes, the retro and the vintage kind of pictures, lots of details goes into those photos, the colors and the location it tells a beautiful story, the energy you feel, you just get attracted.

You can’t hide the true feelings in your voice, the pain and the passion and emotions, your glory and confidence, everything you feel, everything you are reflect in your voice, listening to her, beautiful images it paints, helping you to dive into the oceans of your imaginative mind and you think of beautiful illusions that can happen in real life, you can listen to her sing, while your energy just lead the way, the way that leads you to the real life of all that matters.

Deborah Prest

Like Nina she makes me remember, like Amy Winehouse just without the beehive, she’s got a style of her own, her vibrations and energy are contagious and you just have hope again of this present time, you just feel proud and privilege that you’re in this present time to be a Nigerian, to listen to Deborah Prest because you can’t hide from the truth, you already know her tales, fans will tell, like how the world celebrate Amy, Nina, Billie Holiday and Sinatra.

Sexy Deborah Prest

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