The Emotions of Our Fashion 

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Emotions are the most powerful forces inside us. Designing a story based on emotions that you wish to associate to one product is essential to create a connection in people’s mind. 

The essence of an excellent commercial is to create an intense emotion within prospects who fit the target market, and then anchor the customer’s emotion to the product at the emotional peak of the experience.


Because by creating an intense enough emotion, and repeatedly anchoring it, the prospect will later recall the emotion, the next time that he/she sees the product. The associated feelings dramatically increase his propensity to purchase the product.

The art of fashion, it’s all about creating stories and emotions. Good stories make good brands. It’s aiming to create an emotional connection that motivates and excites people. I think it’s the power that comes from people giving the brand meaning, context and relevance, that makes this medium so valuable.

By the way, What is your story? What value are you creating for your customers and how do you tell them about it?