The Expression of her Self Love

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Self Love Hello from this other side, hello to a beautiful soul that appreciates the value of humanity and the tone of a skin that possess the artistry and real culture and a definition of beautiful and confidence body, glowing and smooth, like a goddess that only clean water is been served to her, her look and pose is a reflection of who she is and the love of her heart.

The real expression of confidence right now in the world is the confidence you have in your skin, the you confidence, more like self love because it starts from you, if you don’t love you, nobody will, nobody will love you like you, so you define what you want the world to see you as, you express yourself, all thanks to technology that created camera, all thanks to the photographer that helps us bring our ideas to life, that helps us translate that confidence we have in ourselves.

Though the holiday is over but for a girl that’s herself best friend everyday is like a holiday, indoor by herself with the kind of smile that’ll make you wish for her joy, contagious and pretty in different shade of black, her lipstick, nail polish and her cardigan too, a beautiful shade of sexy, the eye of the photographer don’t lie.

Photo by JAZZY’s Photography

Muse – Miss Soy