The Fit of this Time

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Sexy Car Wash

The beginning of new time, new age and new way of life, different from how we lived last year, from how we lived yesterday even, the thought of new goals and new things to accomplish this year, though fresh and new the thought of our heart, some new and some old because we couldn’t achieve it all last year so we see this time as a clean slate, to achieve the unachieved and so we wake with new hope and new thought and ways to satisfy the crave of our thought and our body, different kind of fit we now want because the goal this year is to love the body with all our heart, staying in love with the body, showing off the beauty of us and so we dress that way.

The body is beautiful, especially when we carry it just the way it is, awesome and attractive, our heart and the thought there reflects on the body and the skin and how we carry the body even, sad thoughts makes the body moody and unattractive sometimes, thought of the heart don’t lie, so the body appears that way because it’s from the mind the body lives and radiate, the dull glow or the bright one that shine bright that people can’t resist the shape of you.

Wet sexy body

The reason we hate ourselves sometimes can be overwhelming and crazy, sad that we can’t get out of it even for days and so we get trapped in the closet of our heart, listening to the ugly voice that turn us down, scary with a high tone of shame and worthlessness, like we don’t matter, like we can’t make it happen, that dream size, that beautiful fit in clothes, the dream wardrobe and the appearance we love to keep. Style is in the heart, the confidence that reflects on what we wear, the fit and the carriage, for everything can be worn, thrift or straight from the designer, personal shopper or even from grandma old stuff, you can wear everything and anything, all you need do is decide the fit and listen to the glamour in the heart of the designer, the marker of the outfit you wear, you like it and the fit is great on you, rule your style world.

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