The Game We Played Then and Now

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Fashion Games

Ask many people that are not of this generation the games they played when they were little and they will give a list of different games that this generation did not experienced. Papa and mama is the game of the generation before that got most kids disvirgined, it’s how most people got introduced to sex. We play this game secretly and we love it, bad thing dey sweet. This game is interesting but you’ll never want to be caught playing it, ehn!

Every new era betters the previous, what ‘s interesting and what’s not, lifestyle changes. We’re little then we did not know the secret games adults play; as kids have their secrete games, the adults too have secrete games. Truth or Dare is the game that allows you to do what you are dared to do, especially when the penalty is big. Everything happens when there is lust in the atmosphere making the game interesting, participants daring themselves to do shit. During the game you experience unity, love and lust with the purpose of fun and nothing more, no hate or thought of guns and wars.

Seduction thrills with beautiful eyes of lust. Vanity is always interesting; can only imagined how interesting Sodom and Gomorrah was those years, freedom to be free, guess that’s why they experience little wars, it was a happy city, they made sin interesting. Times have past from their time and many generations have sin differently, people of this time think they might have out sinned Sodom and Gomorrah because shit is going down during this time and it’s interesting. The mind is the judge, the reason for the vanity.

Secrete Games

If people live in peace the world will be a better place, that’s what these NGOs and UN are working on, to make the world peaceful where we can all improve as humans to create. The simplest thing are the hardest to understand. The idea of love many are yet to understand, love your neighbor as yourself is a common saying in my society but we don’t practice it, we only say it. Not everybody love themselves, people reign abuse on themselves when they have ill luck or did something wrong and sometimes as praises, depending where you’re from, around here people abuse themselves positively to exult themeselves of something thrilling they’ve done.

We exercise to make our body better, even the games we play, we play them to make us feel being human with love as we’re created to be. Not how hunger games they made it look like, it’s not meant to kill or for war, games grows love, make us better humans to sin right.