The goddess of Sexy Twerk ‘n’ Slay – Maheeda

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​I think the vow was, to love beautiful art, beautiful pictures and beautiful fashion, great style. Sometimes you see a picture and you can’t explain the hold its got on you, spell bound. As style is our best form of expressing how we feel, so are pictures, it’s the coming together of multiple art talent to become one to create a masterpiece.

It’s the energy, energy don’t lie. It just shows how much of it you’ve got and how you channel it to create the right vibes. Black and powerful, beautiful and strong, time has passed that we dwell in the dysphoria of what we can or can’t do, the art is real and the images are who and what we are. This days we search for motivation, for a reason to move on, a reason to survive the world again, to write the history again, in our own taste, doing happy and giving even people we don’t know the reason to create their own happy and beautiful energy to better history. 

​The expression is contagious, the eyes are captivating, the style is freedom, it’s the Queen. What sometimes start as a form of finding ones self can turn into shaping lives and educating people on how much power we’ve got, how much beautiful art we can create, how much hope we can give. Our pictures communicate us to people we may never see, maybe may never know and with just the picture they have a reason to create beautiful.

​Imagine how much the world has changed since the birth of social media, how lives have been freed, how many hopes has been restored, and how many have discovered they are not alone in their struggle in life, it has been the pictures that has changed us this much, that has been there for us, even when we can’t afford to hear them talk, when we need that voice to tell us what we want to hear, the picture does it all, it restore us and you just believe it’s all possible, her style is possible, her passion is possible and the beauty in her eyes is real. And the lips are just the perfect shade of I Am Here.

​The eyes are bold and look into you like what’s your excuse? You too can, it doesn’t matter, your skin is never the excuse not to be free, freedom is beautiful and it’s sexy too. We make who we are. Twerk ‘n’ Slay new joint to hit the air waves from Maheeda