The Idea of Living in the Head

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Head Adorned Let’s live in our idea, let’s live our thought of what is supposed to be and who we are supposed to be, let’s live in our head because it’s safe and real too, it’s the ideal world where everything is possible and everything can be done the right way, it’s a perfect world in our ideas because everything  and anything can happen there, it’s the real world that we crave and not this world that we strive every day to make perfect but still can’t be perfect, but in our head, it’s perfect because we know just how we want it to look and be.

In the head is the idea of possibilities and the idea of the fun and life we crave in real life, the perfection and the true feelings and picture that we hope for, the precise world that we have power to rule, to create whatever we want to create and which only us can be the judge and the critic, it’s our creation after-all, we make the rules there.Head piece

After the birth of life, we were given the power to create too, the power to set ourselves free from the imperfect world that we live in but the perfect world that we crave, the satisfaction and the comfort of an ideal world, but because there are many of us living in the world, the conflicting power of self makes it imperfect for us to make here perfect because we create differently and there’s a government, and leaders that make their decision final because they rule this place, but in the head we rule there and they have no power there.Floral Head

So let’s do it all in our head, the sex and the fun, the fashion and the lust and the playing of sexy, the ideas of possibilities and the bucket list, in the head is the freedom that we want in this world.