The Idea of Time

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The idea of time regulate everything, our lives and decisions, daily we wake, hope we crave, lust and want too, something new, new dream, better body, large wardrobe and validation, relevance, it never stop nor pause, on its own accord it tick constantly, neglecting our consciousness of it, conscious we remain because it’s how we measure how we live, our achievements and pride, better late than never, our culture of time, the version we can cope with, reality influence everything, even how we use time, it’s all an idea.

An idea to keep us moving, to make us want to be better and do more than just the daily things people do with time, for we use time differently, some create memories with time, some have sex with it and some work the work they hate with it, some have fun and some live in time sad and sorrowful with the thought of hope someday, while they wait they just wait, waiting in the moment and wasting the value of the moment, hoping for the glory of the future, but they often forget that now is the future they wait.

Constantly is tick-tok, the only meaning the sound reminds us is to live and to live doing what is right, but what is right? What is life with that constant sound and reminder of how that tick will not last forever, it might just stop to tick someday, not because of low battery but because it’s the end of time.

Imagine life without time, with the consciousness of we are born to live forever, the thought of the many things we can do without the idea of times-up, how wasteful people will live time, how creative too, the idea and thought of time and time wasting cripples hope, built some, life affect us differently, time too, change the idea of time, rule your world at any age and any time, time is just an idea and like every idea it can build you or scare you, are you scared or motivated?

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