The Inside Man’s Philosophy

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The Inside Man by Queen C StarExcerpt from The Inside Man’s philosophy.

The Inside Man by Queen-C Star- “I have no culture, I have no race; I have no face. I am the inside man.”

“In order to be knowledgeable and understanding of what is happening in my life now; around and through me. I must first know and understand how I think, why I think and through which manner I am thinking now.

Within every living being (me) there is a formed thought or a new thought being formed which causes me to think about myself in the way that I am now thinking. I act as I think, I am thinking now as I am acting now; simultaneously and systematically. My environment (friends and family) act upon my thoughts. Thoughts forms and grows in the mind as the seed forms and grows in the soil. My Ideas believed in or trusted in, become me. Me being my reality. My reality is my accepted thoughts about my every experience. My reality is what I believe it to be, as I believe, so it is.

Queen C Star The way I perceive my reality; control, command, dictate and become the master of my mind; I am the ‘Inside Man’. Thus, ‘The Inside Man’ represents me, the way I see myself or my perception of who I am being now. For what I think I am, I am being right now.Jamaican Art

Religion, culture, nationality, race and tradition are effects of my reality but I am the cause thereof. Whether, I am or I am not, is my command. The idea of old times of a deity who is commanding me to be, must be eradicated from my mind. I am is my only commander. Therefore I am free; to play, forward, rewind or pause my reality as I see fit. I am the creator of me.Queen C Star

Who am I? Who do I see me as?

I am______________is my creator.” A good chef is as good as he think he is.”


Queen-C Star

Founder, Queen-C Star: The Art Company