The Kind of Relationship i Keep With My Clothes

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IMG_0346How we sleep usually is always interesting, but you’ll never know how interesting it is until you watch someone sleep, someone you love, you see how beautiful they smile when sleeping, sexy, the fold under the sheet with some part of their body escaping the covering of the sheet, the smile they display too maybe that’s a sign they are having good dreams, sleeping is an act of freedom of self, neglecting your worries and putting your thought to a pause, refreshing you and preparing you to look new and innocent in the morning.

How we sleep too is interesting but we don’t have the chance to see us sleep. Really when the weather is comfortable and conducive I really don’t enjoy to sleep in my clothes, it’s more easy when I sleep without the clothes as your body get to breathe without the covering of fabrics, the fresh air sips in and refresh the skin for the next day, but one thing I enjoy and probably obsessed and in love with is, I sleep with my clothes.

That’s what I do, the relationship we keep with our clothes determine how confident we get when we wear them, the fit and how we enjoy their feel on our skin. I just love some of my clothes on the bed when I sleep, just want to feel them against my skin even as I sleep, they make me beautiful dreams and keeps me calm as I sleep, they caress my skin as they lure me to sleep, they show me love and comfort, they just make me feel am in good hands, a reassurance of true love and no betrayer. Like the teddy bear some keep, it’s the clothes I keep. We are like lovers, we treat each other with love and respect, we understand ourselves and we love ourselves.

Seeing the different clothes on the bed reminds me every time of the amount of creativity and time that went into the production, the many hands that contributed to the comfort of what covers our skin, the joy of wanting to wear them again in more beautiful way. We communicate on how better and fun we can appear every time, mixing trends and fabrics, they share their secret of how gorgeous they can be, of how flexible they can fit and how you can manipulate them to fit any trends or style, they tell beautiful stories too, interesting sexy stories and comfort, with the scent of what your sex is, they even caution and bring to your attention of what your body needs and how you can feel good for the new day, even the kind of fabric your skin wants to feel for the day they tell, they just cluster around you. We all sleep fine like lovers, hands over each other stroking the skin.

Clothes on the bed gives comfort and helps you build a sense of appreciation and respect for both the creative director and the fabrics itself, they reminds you of the good and fun moments you’ve have in them and hopes of many awesome moments you can create in them with them, they tell you about hopes and dreams and the possibility of your imaginations, they even make you dream in pretty colours, they console when you’re down and sober and comfort you to soft sleep.

Our clothes share every moment with us, the good ones and the bad ones, the fun ones and the boring ones, they experience our day with us, the friend that never leaves, they are different energy that contribute to our day and the kind of energy we possess, everything they are you are, they talk good about you, your body and boost your ego and pride, they give you more than what you want because they know you better, they understand you when you pick them out of the wardrobe and they just give you the perfect fit every time.

Even as they have mind of their own, they watch you make your decision and they fit into whatever you want, into whatever image you represent, they follow your lead, so usually it’s not the clothes most time or the trends and style but it’s your lead, the doctrines you make they follow and how you let them adore your body. I adore them just the way they adore my body and respect their opinion of how much comfort they can give me in a day, depending on the weather and acknowledge their honest view about the feelings and trend of the day.

We lay together, we live together and we believe in our dreams, dreams to make beautiful trends that the world will embrace, we whisper sweet words to our self as they kiss me to the break of a new day, a new life. Our relationship is fun; the love we share is real and true.