The Lady Gaga’s Influence

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Lady Gaga's Influence Can still remember the first time a friend introduced me to Poka Face by Lady Gaga, didn’t fall in love with the song immediately, guess the hold Amy Winehouse have on me at the time was so strong that she didn’t give room for another person to have space but soon i was under the spell of Lady Gaga, though Amy’s place is not replaceable but Gaga I’ll always love too.

Her creativity and energy and her vibe I love, her lyrics and her message and her boldness, her fuck the society lifestyle, her fashion and the strength in her voice has grew in me and now I’m a monster living for the Applause with One Million Reason not to but the one reason Cures me that I can even pray a Sinner Prayer.

Born to Dare Lady Gaga

Her influence in my life has really influence my choice of fashion and glamour, the bold choice of clothes and the appreciation of sense of style, for how much she appreciate the power of influence like how she wore Michael Jackson’s jacket during the creation of Art Pop, the album that finally won me over to the monster camp, and Cheek to Cheek her collaborative album with Tony Bennet that remains the modern classic album of all time, the rendition of classical voice that makes one relish the sounds of the past years, the sounds and music and lyrics that has shape the music world since from the era that we’re yet to exist, the infusion of music and art and creativity and passion.

Monster Lady Gaga

Everything she does, she do differently, from how she performs on stage and how she relate with her audience, her daring look, no one does it better.

Recently I fell hopelessly in love with her 2016 Joanne album, the experience is awesome and I don’t want to get enough of it, right now she’s complimenting the euphoria of Thrills of it all by Sam Smith. Joanne by Lady Gaga