The Lesbian Boy

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Erotic SexEven a boy can be a lesbian and not gay, afterall we are all humans and we can be whoever we want to be, it’s always what we want to be and not what the world wants us to be, the decisions is always for us to make, even in the midst of no option, it’s still your decision to make, either to give up or find strength somewhere else, so it’s possible for a boy to be a lesbian, seductive and erotic with the full understanding of the girl’s body and how it should be touched and treated, knowing and respecting her wish and her want.

Aside from living and enjoying the companion of the girl, the laughs and the joy of her heart, her ideas and how she relate with every single thing, her hopes and dreams, understanding her sexual urge is understanding her real self, knowing how to pleasure her right to make her moan, lust, to make her forget to breathe, that she get lost in the moment and know nothing but pleasure, the kind of pleasure that makes her forget her worries and where she is, knowing the spot to touch and where to hold, the force to apply and the rhythm to follow and the twist of the body.


Usually it’s believed that only a woman understands the anatomy of another woman, what the body feels and how it should be touched, the right place to hit and the frequency of the pounds of the thrust, the stroking and the lips, body against body, the brewing of climax, that uncontrollably quavering of the body, her dead eyes and her panting breathe of satisfaction, the kisses and the movements of the fingers across her body, all over her body.


Even Christian understood Ana’s body and Ana was satisfied every time even when she was sober and hurt, her body can’t resist the touch of a lesbian boy, he just knows how best to bring her body to the pleasures that her body needs, the satisfaction of what her body truly want and not her ego.

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