The Lesson Jessamyn Stanley is Teaching Us With Her Body

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Yoga Teachings It’s always easy for us to say we love our body, that self righteous sense that tells you you do, giving you that surface confidence but deep inside we want some part of us to change, to fit into the size and shape we have in our head, that size we feel or probably know will fit our choice of clothes more, we really want to be better every time, we want to feel better in our skin and enjoy it feels.

The struggle and the work of having a better body never stops, it keeps evolving as you grow and understand your person, who you are and who you want to be, the journey of a perfect body. Jessamyn Stanley thought us something different with her journey and where she is right now with her body, in a world dominated with the sense of a particular size of body as perfect or preferably, she made us wish for her body and it flexibility and the sexiness too.

Yoga Jessamyn StanleyReally it’s all about the confidence and the trust of the body, listening to it, having pride in it because it’s who we are, we usually live in denial to believe we are the definition of the society, the society and its rules is never us, we can’t be generalized because different pigment made us, we’ve got different stories and discoveries and beliefs, the universe trains us differently to understand ourselves in the best way that we might function properly.

Jessamyn StanleySize is just size, size is never the thought of our mind, or of how much good we can do, size does not matter, as humans functioning in the best of our abilities to make the world a better place and affect humanity with the beautiful ideas in our head, creating beautiful stories and trends like in the fashion magazine, growing our body and evolving with it should be our idea not the pressure of the world, one thing for sure understanding and evolving with your body gets better every time, you become that better version of you and it’s usually happiness ever after.