The Meaning of Being Gay

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Girl Friends

Now I know what being gay means, it’s when you are extremely true to yourself, when you recognize that you only live once and you will not deprive yourself of any moment because the society does not approve it. It is you saying fuck the society and their thought, that they can’t dictate the life you live because they are government or authorities. Following the true and basic principles in life is enough but they paint it with their different shade to fit the society they want to create instead of the society that is supposed to be.

Sex is one pretty experience to experience as human, it brings you to a different truth, to wholeness of who you are and how you’re supposed to feel. The society told us that sex is a sin that our nakedness is, some doctrines preach against styles of sex too, the ones they approve is the one they perceive decent because they’re not wild enough, they feel you should not be wild enough. If leaders are not ahead of their congregation or followers, they’re just as their congregation with nothing to impact, so constantly you need to advance. New truth they hardly share, they only encourage because that’s the best they can do, you just have to want the truth to access it, if you don’t want it you can’t access it.

Lonely Girl

But sex is beautiful and can be experienced in different ways, we enjoy it differently, some want it calm and slow most times. Fucking fuck me raw vibe is the game of some, let’s have it every time. Some hate giving head, I wonder why while some love giving head to swallow the cum. Everything they dictate, making us not responsible for our actions because we can always blame it on one of their laws loop holes. They take away the right to express who we are because they are providing us with excuse on how to live life; your right is the prize you pay for your imprisonment. You can free yourself if you want; you just have to want it.

Because of our kind of sex they tag us wild, many they call gays these days, the word lesbians we’re used to because it has been in our consciousness since forever. The kind of sex we decide to have made them blackmail us, bdsm was tagged demonic but experiencing erotic sex is a different level of sexual pleasures, our vanities are different.