The Misadventures of DewyandSJ

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Let’s fall in love with everything, let the energy of love take over the life we live because love is the answer to everything, to life and the happiness we find in life, love heals and love brings us back to life, love is the smile we find when we look in the mirror and only memories of the life we’ve lived and the people that we’ve shown love to and have shown us love back will bring that smile, the energy of love is the kind of energy that we need in life to set us free because it’s the truth that we seek, the freedom of our soul, but they are ready to blackmail us for it, but we found the truth and we found love again and we fell in love with love and we are free because it’s true love.

The love first and trusting the energy and then

Thank you for Tuning into our live 💕 We are here to spread positive vibes so please feel free to message us if you have any questions or simply just want to vent/talk”.Dewy and SJ

The beauty of freedom is setting others free when you can, and like in this world right now, setting others free is through education, telling the truth and giving the vibe of, you can be free too, you can be you and love who your heart want, not conforming to the version of truth the society has trained us with, for we are wired to believe a different kind of truth but our love is a prove of how beautiful love is and the true reflection of the life of being in love with that person you love, the eyes you want to see in the morning when you wake, the body you want to touch and kiss, the look in the eyes and the smile that make you want to smile too, the kind of things we talk about and how the camera love to help us capture the kind of moment we share that will inspire the world to understand the meaning of love and how wrong the things they’ve told us about falling in love and who to love.

If you could build the perfect partner what qualities are most important.

So as we live, we share our stories, we pitch our ideas and ask the questions we want answers to, the kind of question many want to ask but maybe they are not bold enough to, maybe they hope someone will give them the answer someday, maybe nature will even, but the universe work in a very interesting way and so we ask those questions and we all can share the different answers our personality suggest, for our personality is a reflection of the kind of life we live and the kind of things we say, no negative vibes allowed here, just the positives ones, love is love. For some they will prefer to build a partner that will possess “Trust, love and money”, another “Transparency and trust”, “Love, trust, care, communication”, “Understanding, loyalty, trust”, “trust and someone who understands.” People are real here for another “Humor, patience, spirituality, compassion, love, trust, understanding. Did i say patience? I mean alot of patience cos i could be a nut head”.

SJ and Dewy

This is literally the first time I have dated outside of my nationality so I always tease Sj about her country accent

Love is love and you don’t have to fall in love with people from your nationality alone, for we all are human first before our nationality and true love don’t differentiate, love have no boundaries, let’s fall in love with that person that bring heaven to us and beautiful smile at anytime of the day, love is all that matters, the time we share together and the gist of how we got to this point of our lives, the tales we tell from where we are from, the kind of jokes we tell from the country we are citizens of, beautiful time we create every-time, beautiful tales we tell even.

Abuse is a pattern of controlling behavior that often (but not always) escalates into physical violence. It can start with negative comments about what you’re wearing, who you spend time with, or other subtle forms of manipulation. It can then lead to personal insults, public humiliation, and even financial abuse. Let’s talk, what happens when you and your partner have a disagreement?